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The Courier Company

Local Courier Services

Messenger Services: Round the clock service, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Exclusive: Immediate pickup and direct delivery to your destination

Rush: 2 to 3 hours delivery (depending on distance of destination) for packages ready before 3:00pm

Regular: Same day delivery for packages ready before 12:00 noon, to be delivered by 5:00pm

After Hours: Services after 5:30pm and before 8:00am, and weekends and holidays

Overnight: We pick-up whenever your package is ready - we deliver as early as you want

International: We pick-up whenever your package is ready and arrange for your international destination delivery
Scheduled Routes: Bank deposits, office mail, etc.

Transportation Management: We will take care of your high volume daily deliveries for a flat rate. You will save by not worrying about payroll, insurance, accidents, vehicle maintenance, workman's compensation and employee problems and you can concentrate on running your business more efficiently

Air Courier: If you miss UPS or Federal Express, or if you need same day Nationwide services, call us so we can make all the necessary arrangements with Next Flight Out Service to all major cities

International Services: Available at your request. Contact us for more details

Corporate Accounts: Specialized in delivery of important and time sensitive documents

Volume Discounts: Free local deliveries with 5 or more deliveries per day.

Personalized Services: Pickup and delivery of your personalized errands (prescription, dry cleanings, etc.).
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